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Huang Yongping

Huang Yongping – Bâton Serpent III : Spur Track to the Left

Fabien Faure
Auteur(s) hors LESA: 
Huang Yongping, Hou Hanru, Pi Li, Nathalie Heinich

Exposition rétrospective, Shanghaï, Power Station of Art, 18 mars-19 juin 2016


« The animal kingdom has been omnipresent in Huang Yongping’s protean and multi-cultural corpus as a means of reflecting otherness. Laced with sarcasm while being secretely nostalgic, the installations of the Chinese artist, who works in France, refer metaphorically to misunderstandings, tensions, and other conflicts that mark the age-old relationships between the East and the West. The works of Huang forgo tainted exoticism as an indulgently crossbred form ; the insects, reptiles and other unloved creatures testify in contrast to a diverse and incomprehensible kingdom. This is because, while the animal world nourishes the imagination of human society everywhere, nothing allows it to acquire the value of a common cultural denominator. »

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fabien Faure

Directeur(s) de l'ouvrage hors LESA: 
Hou Hanru
Année : 
2 016

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